D?, Cookie Dough Confections founder Kristen Tomlan. Image courtesy of Dina Coloma
D?, Cookie Dough Confections is a true innovator in the food world, leading the charge in the rise of cookie dough bakeries. The New York City-based business features long lines of excited customers looking for a taste of their guilty pleasure.

As the bakery continues to grow in popularity, founder and owner Kristen Tomlan will offer a series of courses aimed at baking and cookie dough-making enthusiasts. Cookie Dough 101, with its first class taking place January 11, will have each participant learning how to bake D?’s signature cookies and make safe-to-eat cookie dough.

In addition, each participant receives a souvenir spatula, recipe packet, box of cookies, and two 8-ounce customized containers of cookie dough.

The Cookie AcaD?my (as it’s being called) will also offer a Kids Class and a Couples Class. The cost of Cookie Dough 101 is $85, while the Kids Class is $65 and the Couples Class is $150.

Here is the full list of courses, with times available on the website:

  • January 11 – Cookie Dough 101
  • January 13 – Kids Class
  • January 15 – Cookie Dough 101
  • January 18 – Couples Class
  • January 19 – Cookie Dough 101
  • February 1 – Cookie Dough 101
  • February 8 – Couples Class
  • February 10 – Kids Class
  • February 10 – Cookie Dough 101
  • February 26 – Cookie Dough 101