Image courtesy of House of Chimney Cakes
Chimney cakes are a traditional Hungarian dessert made from sweet yeast dough. Formed into a cone-like shape, they are the perfect vessels for fillings like ice cream.

That’s what Anaheim, California-based House of Chimney Cakes looks to provide to customers. These treats are a specialty for the Hungarian bakery. Owner Szandra Szabó grew up in Hungary, making her name as a fashion model and entrepreneur.

Eventually, Szabó moved to the United States and decided to bring some of the foods of her homeland to Californians. Her shop is located just minutes from Disneyland, and is an exciting destination for sweets lovers.

The chimney cakes are the primary draw, perfectly combining a warm churro-like shell with delicious soft serve. House of Chimney Cakes rolls out a house-made dough and coats it in oil and cane sugar. It’s wrapped around a wooden stick and cooked in the oven, making it crispy on the outside but soft like a donut.

The soft serve comes in flavors like vanilla bean and Dutch chocolate, as well as a vegan-friendly Dole Whip Pineapple soft serve. The final touch on these chimney cakes is that they are topped with ingredients such as Oreo cookie crumbs, graham crackers, caramel popcorn, cheesecake bites, and fruit.