Image courtesy of Silk Cakes
Silk Cakes is an Asian bakery in the Queens borough of New York. Silk Cakes owner and Pastry Chef Judy Lai has a Chinese background and infuses that into her treats.

The latest that is turning the bakery into a sensation is its cupcakes that are topped with ice cream. These unique treats come in three distinct flavors: pandan coconut ice cream with toasted coconut flakes on a vanilla cupcake, lychee ice cream with kalamansi glaze on a yuzu cupcake, and chocolate ice cream with nama chocolate bits on a chocolate cupcake.  

“A lot of the flavors here were actually inspired by things that we grew up with,” Lai tells Thrillist. “So we thought to combine and recreate the American desserts and elevate it with an Asian flavor to it.”

Each ice cream cupcake costs $5, and each ice cream flavor by itself is $3.

This seasonal offering has created a great deal of buzz for the bakery in both the New York region and the rest of the country.