Image courtesy of The Doughnut Project
With the second season of Netflix series Stranger Things debuting Friday, October 27, millions of people are celebrating its release. The show has quickly become one of the most talked about and enjoyable programs on television.

One business that will be celebrating Stranger Things is innovative New York City doughnut shop The Doughnut Project. Just in time for the new season, it has debuted a Stranger Things doughnut that captures the spirit of the show.

The “Doughnut Eleven” (a nod to the show’s popular character Eleven) is a miniature maple-glazed doughnut topped with a tiny Eggo waffle (the character’s favorite food), a stream of raspberry jam (resembling the nosebleeds the character often gets), and a dollop of buttercream.

This specialty doughnut, which costs $4.25, will only be available until Halloween at The Doughnut Project.