Image courtesy of Google
In order to promote its new product, the Google Home Mini, Google is opening a series of pop-up donut shops across the country.
The reason for donuts is that the tech company’s voice activated mini speakers are roughly the size and shape of donuts. According to Google’s website, the Google Home Mini is “the size of a donut with the powers of a superhero.”

From now until November 9, several major cities in the U.S. and Canada will experience the limited-time shops.  Google is partnering with local bakeries in those cities, which will provide donuts at the events.

Visitors to these pop-ups will walk up to a kiosk, where they’ll ask a Mini device a question. This will trigger a box to drop down a chute, which will contain either a donut or a Mini.

The cities/bakeries that will be participating in the promotional event are:

  • San Francisco, CA + Johnny’s Doughnuts – Oct. 4, Oct. 14-15
  • Manhattan, NY + Doughnut Plant – Oct. 4-8
  • Los Angeles, CA + Randy’s Donuts – Oct. 7-8
  • Brooklyn, NY + Doughnut Plant – Oct. 20-22
  • Austin, TX + Voodoo Doughnuts – Oct. 21-22
  • Toronto, Canada + Jelly Modern Doughnuts – Oct. 26-27
  • Oklahoma City, OK + Brown’s Bakery – Oct. 28-29
  • Madison, WI – Nov. 2nd
  • Chicago, IL + Stan’s Donuts – Nov. 4-5
  • Indianapolis, IN + Taylor’s Bakery – Nov. 4
  • St. Louis, MO + Strange Donuts – Nov. 9