Image courtesy of Milk Bar
On Sunday, August 12, Seattle residents will get to experience one of the most popular bakery concepts in the country when Milk Bar opens a pop-up shop in the city.

Christina Tosi's mouthwatering treats will be available to customers at the one-day event, which will be located in the parking lot of Seattle restaurant Canlis. 

“I think they’re always exploring new markets,” Canlis co-owner Brian Canlis tells The Seattle Times. “I bet if we have a really fun turnout and show that people love Milk Bar, it’ll go a long way to getting our own Milk Bar in Seattle.”

In addition to Milk Bar favorites like the B'Day Truffles, Crack Pie, Compost Cookies, and Cereal Milk Soft Serve, Canlis will also contribute items like corn dogs and turkey legs to the event. It's being marketed as a country fair concept, in which everything can be paid for with fair tickets sold on-site. Fair games, a bouncy house, and live music will also be a major part of the pop-up.

If the event is a success, it would be a major coup in giving Milk Bar a reason to open its next location in Seattle.

“When I’m deciding where to build a Milk Bar next, my first requirement is that it’s in a place that feels like home,” says Christina Tosi. “Community is key.”