A Chicago institution, Hoosier Mama Pie Company debuted eight years ago and in a relatively short amount of time has made a huge impact on its community.

Now, the bakery is set to debut its latest expansion, which it hopes will take place this Saturday, September 7 if approved by the city. The expanded space will serve as a coffee bar, with espresso, savory pies, cookies like throwback pinwheels, and other treats.

The new layout was created by knocking down a wall and converting a former office space. A new display case has been built for pies and a new menu board will hang over the coffee bar.

The extra room will afford Hoosier Mama Pie Co.’s bakers an extra station and gives the bakery more options when it comes to menu items. It will also give them opportunities to extend weekend hours and increase walk-in space for customers during the busy holiday season.