Image courtesy of Zucchini Kill
Zucchini Kill is an Austin, Texas-based gluten-free bakery that makes vegan Twinkies and other vegan baked goods.

The vegan shop is soon opening its first brick-and-mortar location in Austin, after selling its treats at the city’s vegan comfort food restaurant Counter Culture and pub The Buzz Mill. The bakery will continue to sell at those locations, but will now have its own place of business beginning Saturday, September 16.

Vegan sponge-cakes are one of Zucchini Kill’s most popular items, but it also offers cookies, doughnuts, sweet breads, cupcakes, and more.

At its grand opening, Zucchini Kill will feature free beer, a cupcake-eating contest, a raffle with prizes, a cookie tasting, and free Twinkies to the first twenty attendees. There will also be a dog treat gum ball machine, with proceeds benefitting Austin Pets Alive.