Authenticity is important when it comes to baked goods, and few California bakeries take that to heart more than Viva Los Cupcakes.
The Los Angeles-based bakery serves up a margarita cupcake that stays true to real margaritas and uses two shots of tequila in its recipe.
“There’s tequila in the batter, the frosting also has tequila in it. So I guess you can say it’s a double shot,” says Karina Jimenez, owner of Viva Los Cupcakes.
Before starting the bakery, Jimenez worked at an unfulfilling desk job. She longed to do something more creative with her life, which is why she decided to make colorful cupcakes inspired by Mexican flavors. 
The bakery is famous for the Hispanic influence in its cupcakes, with flavors such as fresas con crema, conchita, churro con cajeta, tres leches, and the tamale with mole flavor which has become its signature.