Image courtesy of Alegre Bakery and Gelato
Alegre Bakery and Gelato opened Saturday, June 10 in Tacoma, Washington. The bakery and café provides a dozen flavors of its namesake.

Even more noteworthy is the bakery’s gelato sandwiches. The creamy Italian frozen dessert is placed between cookies made by a pastry chef. Both the gelato and cookies are made from-scratch and on-site.

Additionally, the bakery serves drop cookies, coffee cake, and “brookies” (brownie-cookies), and the menu will continue to expand over time. Future items will include fresh-baked pretzels, scones, croissants, baked-to-order molten cakes, and savory snacks like cheese plates and hummus-vegetable plates.

Once the bakery and café is in full-production, there will be 18 gelatos total available. New flavors such as salted caramel, tiramisu, and biscotti will be coming soon.