Confections of a Rock$tar Bakery in Asbury Park, New Jersey is rock n’ roll themed, using desserts as a way to honor rockstars such as Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

Owner Kimmee Masi has a background in both rock n’ roll and bakeries. Her father, Vinnie, ran Vincent's Cookie Cupboard in Freehold, New Jersey when Kimmee was young, and she learned baking techniques from him. Vinnie also gave Kimmee her first drum set, which inspired her to become a drummer. Today, she is the full-time drummer for hard rock band Our Last Sin.

“I love rock ‘n’ roll and actually quit my day job to manage my band [Our Last Sin] full-time. I have always baked for family and friends and thought that my retirement would have been spent opening a bake shoppe. Doing this earlier, I knew that the store had to be different, and combine my two passions of music and baking, and Confections of a Rock$tar was born,” Masi says.

Kimmee Masi now pursues both her passions, and the rock n’ roll lifestyle has bled over into her baking. Confections of a Rock$tar names its pastries and cupcakes after famous musicians, and the aesthetics of the business reflect the lifestyle.

Click here to see a slideshow of some of these rocking treats from Confections of a Rock$tar Bakery.