Image courtesy of Magnolia Bakery

Beginning June 1, fans of Magnolia Bakery’s signature banana pudding will be able to have it delivered right to their doors. The bakery with locations in several major U.S. and world cities will soon have ordering for customers directly on its website.

Packages of the banana pudding will be available in six large containers (16-ounces each) for $48, plus shipping. While the first orders for these packages can be made on June 1, the first deliveries will not be made until the following week on June 8. After that, deliveries will be made every Thursday.

Magnolia Bakery will also be releasing four new flavors of the banana pudding throughout the summer:

  • June 5 – Rainbow banana pudding,  the classic banana pudding recipe covered with a layer of confetti.
  • July – Toasted coconut, graham crackers, and chocolate chips, an homage to the bakery’s famous magic cookie bars.
  • August – S’mores, feature layers of chocolate pudding, graham crackers, marshmallow fluff, marshmallow, bananas, and chocolate shavings.
  • September – Salted Caramel, with dulce de leche pudding and homemade salted caramel made with Malden sea salt and bananas.