Image courtesy of Three Brothers Bakery (@3brothersbakery/Twitter)

Three Brothers Bakery is looking to make its mark on king cake season with its latest offering. In addition to the return of its King Cake Cheesecake, the popular Houston bakery has also introduced a special football-shaped edition of its famous King Cake.

Three Brothers Bakery has been developing its King Cake recipe for years, traveling to Louisiana to discover what makes the perfect traditional King Cake. Available in three sizes to feed groups from eight up to 24 people, the King Cakes from Three Brothers Bakery are made in the classic Louisiana style, filled with cream cheese or fruit flavors and topped with colorful sanding sugar on white icing.

A small plastic baby is included with each of the sweet desserts, allowing the giver of the King Cake to hide the surprise within the cake. Whoever finds the baby is tagged as the person to bring the next King Cake.

Additionally, the King Cake Cheesecake is a delicious combination of traditional, creamy Cheesecake, sprinkled with sanding sugar, atop a sweet King Cake crust.

“Our King Cake has become one of our signature items, and we are thrilled with how it brings a real piece of Louisiana Mardi Gras tradition to Houston,” says Bobby Jucker, bakery co-owner and fifth generation baker. “With the Big Game coming to Houston this year, we hope to see our football-shaped King Cake become the go-to party dessert for our customers.”

For this year’s Big Game, Three Brothers Bakery can also create custom cupcakes, cookies and cakes in festive colors and themes, or put together a tray of cookies and sweets perfect for any party.