Houston-based Three Brothers Bakery has introduced a way for customers to celebrate both Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day simultaneously with one special treat, offering a Valentine’s Day-themed King Cake.

The Valentine’s Day King Cakes at Three Brothers Bakery are made in the classic Louisiana style, filled with cream cheese or fruit flavors and topped with red and pink sanding sugar on white icing. Unlike traditional King Cakes, the Valentine’s Day version is made in the shape of a heart, making the cake the perfect treat to celebrate the day of love.

“Our Valentine’s Day King Cake is a way for customers to change up their usual routine and bring a Mardi Gras tradition into their Valentine’s Day celebrations. Any of our scratch-made baked items are the perfect treat for your loved ones,” says Three Brothers Bakery co-owner Bobby Jucker.

For Valentine’s Day, the bakery also offers broken hearts cookies and petit fours as well as themed cupcakes, chocolate covered strawberries, and cookie cakes. Additionally, the bakery offers “Marry Me” cakes to help with marriage proposals, which can be ordered in advance to help make a proposal even sweeter.

For those less interested in Valentine’s Day, the bakery also has Anti-Valentine’s Day items, including cookies and petit fours with funny sayings like “Love Stinks.”