Image courtesy of Bantam Bagels
Set to debut towards end of the year, Bantam Bagels’ newest products will also be the latest hybrids in the industry.


These pie-flavored mini bagels are aiming to be a holiday snack for many in New York City. While they will only be available in one location, the company's flagship store on Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village, they will definitely make their mark with a wide variety of interesting flavors.

Among those are: apple pie, pumpkin pie, and banana cream pie. The apple pie flavor is on a cinnamon-nutmeg bagel, stuffed with apple spice cream cheese and sprinkled with baked apple crisp. The pumpkin pie flavor is on a pumpkin spice bagel, stuffed with pumpkin pie-spiced cream cheese and topped with crumbled graham crackers and powdered sugar. The banana cream flavor is on a cinnamon-nutmeg bagel, stuffed with banana cream filling and drizzled with caramel.

This food mashup might wind up being Bantam Bagels’ latest success, following successful releases of cinnamon bun, French toast, and cookies and milk flavored stuffed bagels.