Wholesome! Fair Trade frostings hit store shelves around the country this summer, just in time for Fair TradeUSA's Fair Moments campaign this October. Available in Vanilla, Chocolate and Wild White Strawberry, each flavor is made with Wholesome! Fair Trade Organic Powdered Sugar.

Wholesome! and its extensive line of Fair Trade sugars, agave, and honey have developed over a 15 year relationship with organic cane sugar farmers in Paraguay and pioneered Fair Trade certification in the U.S. for sugar and honey in 2005.

"We're always proud to bring Fair Trade products into the grocery store. It has made such a difference in these farming communities, and we're so delighted to have found a way to not only continue that relationship, but to build on it," says Sarah Miller, Director of Marketing for Wholesome!. "Now every time someone makes a simple cake using Wholesome! Fair Trade Organic Sugar and Organic Frosting, they have made double the impact on these farming families.”