(Image courtesy of TODAY Food/Instagram)

This strange looking dessert is captivating audiences on social media, and it is deceptively titled as well.

Ice cream ramen comes from New York, by way of Japan. This tasty dessert has been popularized by The Dessert Kitchen in NYC, who shared the dish on Instagram. The “noodles” in this dessert ramen are actually kanten, a traditional Japanese jelly noodle that’s made from algae.

The kanten are then placed over a bowl of “ice cream”, which is actually crushed ice topped with evaporated milk, along with other ingredients such as mango, mocha, cantaloupe, and a side of white peach syrup.

The Dessert Kitchen serves these dishes in many different flavors, including  peach, green tea milk, kyoho, honey, and brown sugar.

The unusual treat may have its skeptics, but those who have tried it have generally been positive in their reviews. TODAY Food critic Emi Boscamp said, “Aside from being ice-cold and sweet, it gave me the feeling of eating ramen. I could slurp the noodles — which were slick and cool on my tongue — and drink the "broth" (the ice cream). Plus, it wasn't overly sweet — the flavors were actually pretty mellow, allowing the melon and mango (what I considered to be the pork and egg) to shine through.”