A new online survey from Mars Ice Cream, conducted on their behalf by Harris Poll in June 2015 among over 2,000 U.S. adults, reveals that two out of three (65%) Americans who say ice cream is among their favorite food to eat during the summer. Millennials, more than any other age group, say ice cream is their favorite summer food. Americans are more than twice as likely to name ice cream (65%) over pie (27%). And sweet, creamy ice cream treats hit the spot for more Americans than summer's savory standbys of burgers (63%), hot dogs/brats (52%) and ribs (45%).

July is National Ice Cream Month – a month-long celebration of this irresistible frozen dessert. July's hot, sunny days and warm, lazy nights create the perfect occasion for satisfying your sweet tooth with a scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor or frozen novelty on a stick. And if you're not already eating ice cream daily, as one quarter of men aged 18-34 report1, consider making National Ice Cream Day, July 19, the day to indulge.

Eating in bed isn't taboo for half (48 percent) of Millennials (18-34 year olds) who say "in bed watching TV" is where they choose to enjoy their ice cream, while nearly one in five (18%) Americans enjoy their ice cream literally on the go, claiming their preferred spot is in the car. Whether you take a laidback or active approach to enjoying ice cream, consumers can find a wide range of frozen treats suited for both chocolate lovers and fruit-fiends alike. Mars Ice Cream offers a delightful range of creamy, chocolate-covered ice cream bars like SNICKERS, DOVE, and TWIX  in addition to light and refreshing STARBURST Brand Sorbet Bars that are perfect for cooling down in the summer heat.

"Summer is synonymous with ice cream. Whether you prefer your ice cream on a stick, in a bowl or as a handheld bar, National Ice Cream Month is the perfect time to enjoy familiar favorites like SNICKERS Ice Cream Bars, M&M'S Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches, and DOVE Ice Cream Bars," said Flip Block, Marketing Director, Mars Chocolate North America. "It's a perfect time to celebrate by enjoying a frozen treat that pairs delicious, real ice cream with the delectable Mars chocolate taste that consumers know and love."