Ella Woodward is a ten year old from Sheffield, England who loved to play hockey and was involved in rhythmic gymnastics.

Unfortunately, her world changed when she suffered a stroke which left her unable to walk, use her right arm, and speak without difficulty.

For the average person, that type of affliction can have devastating psychological effects. However, Ella Woodward is determined to not let her stroke determine her life. She has taken up baking as a way to improve her motor skills.

With baking as an additional therapy source, Ella has been able to build coordination in her hands.

Image courtesy of The Yorkshire Post

Her mother, Laura Parks, even says that she has baked cakes for the hospital staff at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

“We used to make chocolate lollipops in the hospital as part of Ella’s occupational therapy. We bought an old whisk and used it to help her coordination with both hands. She would use one hand and then swap to build up her strength. When Ella came home for the weekend we would bake cakes for all the staff.”

Ella is now using her baking to help not just herself, but others as well.

“The stroke has changed the way she does things and all she wants to do is make money for charity. When we walk past Sheffield Children’s Hospital we always have to put money in the charity boxes,” says Ms. Parks.