California avocado season is kicking off once again, running from March until September and signifying the only time of the year in which you can find California avocados. To celebrate, the California Avocado Commission (CAC) is partnering with a few of the hottest chefs across the country to create their own take on one of today’s most popular trends: grain bowls. Ivy Stark of Dos Caminos in New York City, Eric Tanaka of Tom Douglas restaurants in Seattle and Josef Centeno of Orsa & Winston in Los Angeles have each created their own unique “California” grain bowl with California Avocados.

Grain bowls have become one of the biggest food trends of the year. With roots originating in Los Angeles, the grain bowl concept allows chefs to infuse their own style of cuisine and custom flavors into the dish. The bowls created by CAC’s partner chefs are a deliciously hearty fusion of grains, vegetables and protein, that all highlight the incredible taste and texture of California avocados.

Chef Ivy Stark’s southwest-meets-fine-dining style shines through in her Latin-inspired Chimichurri Steak and Grilled California Avocado Ancient Grain Bowl.

“Bowls are my go-to lunchtime meal right now—and as long as California Avocados are in season, I add them to everything I can,” Stark raved. “My grilled steak grain bowl in particular takes advantage of the avocados to bring all my favorite flavors and textures together in a delicious way. The tanginess of the chimichurri, the earthiness of the ancient grains and the sweet-and-spiciness of the Grilled California Avocado Corn Relish all play so well together, especially topped off with that perfect California avocado creaminess.”

Chef Eric Tanaka’s Salmon and Brown Rice Bowl with California Avocado Hollandaise, Shiitake Relish and Ginger Kale draws inspirations directly from his Seattle home base.

“It’s no secret that fresh ingredients are the key to delicious food, so I’m always pushing to incorporate what’s in season onto our menus,” Tanaka said of his dish. “Growing up in California, I used to have an avocado tree in my front yard, so every time I see an avocado, it takes me home. I love using avocados in all types of dishes and take full advantage when they are in season. California avocados add amazing texture and unique flavor.”

Finally, chef Josef Centeno, one of Los Angeles’ own culinary rock stars, proudly created a special Seasoned Farro with Burrata, Nori, Marinated Cucumbers and California Avocado Bowl, so fans of Orsa & Winston’s lunchtime grain bowls can finally recreate the magic at home.

“The idea behind our lunch menu at Orsa & Winston is to keep things light and simple, and bowls are a great way to pack a lot of flavor in at once,” Centeno revealed. “I love the combination of burrata and California avocado. It’s so decadent and rich, and this bowl takes it up a notch with the addition of farro and marinated cucumbers to cut those creamy textures.”

All three recipes showcase the endless versatility of California avocados, as a salsa, a sauce or even the main ingredient of a “California” grain bowl to celebrate this glorious season. Not only are they delicious additions to any meal, nutritious California avocados are a naturally sodium and cholesterol-free superfood contributing good fats and nearly 20 vitamins, minerals and beneficial nutrients making it a good choice to that can enhance the nutrient quality of your diet.

To further inspire California avocado lovers, CAC has dedicated a full page of their site to feature these and other delicious bowl recipes. You can visit CAC’s bowl page at, and follow along on Facebook at, and on Twitter and Instagram at @ca_avocados.