Food and beverage process manufacturers are under greater pressure than ever. Fierce competition. Shrinking margins. Changing consumer preferences. Increasing regulation. And, of course, the consequences of food safety lapses can be devastating: penalties, recalls, shutdowns and, worst of all, lasting damage to brands and companies. These pressures affect food and beverage process manufacturers, large and small, worldwide.

To improve quality and efficiency, and stay ahead of the regulatory curve, operators and executives are searching for new processes and technologies. In response, Vigilistics, Inc. introduces InspectionPro — a simple, affordable inspection management solution designed specifically for food and beverage manufacturers.

"Our large food and beverage manufacturing customers count on us for simple, affordable solutions that give them visibility into production process-level data not captured by other systems. With our new InspectionPro application, we've given quality managers a revolutionary new way to handle the entire inspection process in less time and with greater control," commented Vigilistics CEO Mike Stephens.

With Vigilistics new InspectionPro application, quality managers and inspectors can use a PC, tablet or smartphone to manage pre-op inspections more effectively. Inspectors can capture the entire pre-op inspection process electronically and securely, with reporting and analytics that can help drive continuous improvement. And, of course, the InspectionPro software system automatically creates and stores FDA-validated records for audit and compliance. Key features include:

Streamline the inspection process with an intuitive 'one-click' interface

Track equipment, deficiencies, corrective actions, and operator performance

'Audit-ready' electronic inspection reports

Mobile-friendly design; access anywhere

Analytics to drive quality and continuous process improvement

Easy and Affordable — 100% Guaranteed

Our new InspectionPro application is affordable for a plant of any size. The monthly subscription fee is just $150 per line (five line minimum), with no long-term contract. And getting started is easy. Using best practices gleaned from a decade of experience working with the largest food and beverage brands in the world, our team customizes the system to match each production environment — lines, equipment, operators, etc. — in just a few hours. In fact, we're so confident that InspectionPro will help managers run inspections more effectively, we're offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

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