Par-Way Tryson, is excited to launch their latest innovative product for high-volume baking operations, new Bak-klene Egg Wash.

Specially formulated from real eggs, Bak-klene Egg Wash delivers superior browning and shine with unprecedented convenience. Bak-klene Egg Wash is all natural, made without chemicals or preservatives, and made from real eggs that are non-GMO and hormone-free.

It is quick and easy to prepare and clean-up, requiring no messy pails and brushes. It is shelf-stable with no refrigeration needed until prepared, and consistent in product coverage providing an exceptional golden-brown shine.

“We’ve made egg wash easy. At Par-Way Tryson we are constantly striving to provide our customers with innovative ways to improve performance and quality. The incredible convenience provided by Bak-klene Egg Wash offers a significant boost in efficiency to any high-volume baking operation while producing a superior finished product,” notes company President Keyna Lowrey Klabzuba.

To learn more about Bak-klene Egg Wash and our other Bak-klene bakery sprays products, visit Par-Way Tryson’s website at