Linde North America today announced the publication of a white paper that explains how dry ingredient chilling can help bakery manufacturers save time, reduce waste and control the quality of dough in each batch they produce.

The white paper, Dry Ingredient Chilling for Bakery Manufacturers , is available as a free download on Linde's website .

In the white paper, Linde explains how it is using cryogenic liquid –carbon dioxide or nitrogen - in conjunction with a conventional pneumatic conveying system, to chill flour (or other dry ingredient) prior to mixing. This provides quality and efficiency improvements in the bakery manufacturing process.

One of the main challenges bakery manufacturers face is controlling dough temperature in the mixer. Traditionally, bakers have used a variety of cooling techniques in the mixer, each of which can result in inconsistencies in dry ingredient temperatures and variances in dough quality from batch to batch.

However, Linde's Dry Ingredient Chilling System chills flour (or other dry ingredient) in the transfer line, adding only the precise amount of cryogen needed to obtain the desired temperature. The use of cryogenic liquid with a conventional pneumatic conveying system instantly cools the dry ingredient to a predetermined ideal temperature while it is conveyed to the mixer.

"The ability of the baker to precisely control the temperature at the mixer can have a dramatic effect on the quality of the entire manufacturing process," says Ed Cordiano, Program Manager of Bakery & Prepared Foods at Linde. "Cryogenic cooling reduces or eliminates the concerns of the baker pertaining to dough temperatures. When you chill your flour or other dry ingredient within the pneumatic conveying system, you add a great deal of consistency, efficiency, reliability and repeatability to your bakery operations."

The white paper addresses the needs of wholesale bakeries. It delves into the details of how the dry ingredient chilling system works, identifies the doughs that are best suited to cryogenic chilling, and describes the process of using liquid cryogenic gases with both pressure and vacuum pneumatic systems.

Linde's Dry Ingredient Chilling System is just one of Linde's several technology solutions for the bakery customer production process. Linde North America will be showcasing a range of state-of-the-art cryogenic technology for precision temperature and process-quality control before and/or after baking during the International Baking Industry Expo (IBIE ), October 6-9, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, booth #6630.