Beaverton Bakery is celebrating its 90th birthday as one of Portland, Oregon’s best-known businesses with a variety of special events, including a recent recipe contest, summertime picnics, cake giveaways and tasty tributes to the past nine decades.

Founded as Yeager’s Bakery in 1925 and later changed to Beaverton Bakery, commercial kitchens sprawl deep behind its storefronts along Southwest Broadway Street near Hall Boulevard. Past the display cases, maze-like passages open into rooms filled with giant mixers, big ovens, and scurrying bakers and decorators in three neighboring buildings — a two-story house that was the original bakery sandwiched by an old theater and a Christian Science reading room in the city’s historic downtown business district.

 “We’re not automated,” said Carrie Ann Schubert, who owns the bakery today. “We’re an old-fashioned scratch shop.”

The bakery had two earlier owners, but now has been in the Schubert family for 50 years after Charles J. Schubert bought it in 1965.

Carrie Ann Schubert’s father honed his craft and developed some of the bakery’s favorite recipes with pointers from the West Coast’s best bakers.

Under Charles’ leadership, Beaverton Bakery grew from a neighborhood shop that sold mostly doughnuts and loaves of bread to a regionally-prized bakery known far outside Beaverton for its cakes, including its signature champagne and banana whipped cream cakes for parties, and its lavishly tiered wedding cakes.