Krispy Kreme is celebrating its 78th birthday with a special gift for its US fans. On Friday, July 10, customers can stop into a participating Krispy Kreme US shop and pick up a dozen Original Glazed donuts for 78 cents with the purchase of a dozen of any variety donuts, including Krispy Kreme’s festive Birthday Cake Batter Doughnut.

Customers can celebrate Krispy Kreme’s 78th birthday with tasty confetti and cake batter treats, which are available at participating locations July 6 through August 30.

Krispy Kreme Birthday Cake Chiller: A sweet, creamy cupcake-flavored iced beverage topped with whipped cream and sprinkles.

Birthday Cake Batter Doughnut: A delicious donut filled with a blend of Kreme and birthday cake batter-flavored filling, topped with a cheerful yellow icing and bright confetti sprinkles.