Layered meringue cookies, aromatic flavors and bold colors and patterns are just a taste of what’s to come in the food and dessert world this year. The Wilton Test Kitchen and Decorating Room named the Top 10 trends in baking and decorating:

Marvelous Merveilleux
Un petit treat, aka the Marvelous Merveilleux, is a trendy treat that is popular in French and Belgian pastry shops, and it’s making its way to America. Merveilleux (pronounced mahr-vee-ooo) means marvelous in French. When you combine light and airy meringue cookies, layered with whipped cream filling and ringed in decadent toppings, like chocolate shavings, caramelized hazelnuts or colorful sprinkles—the end result is quite marvelous.

Middle Eastern & N. African Flavors
Inspired by the aromatic flavors of a spice market, Middle Eastern and North African spices are becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in baking and other sweet treat making. International ingredients like, harissa, zaatar and Aleppo peppers, introduce complex flavor profiles that pair well with dark chocolate, creamy custard and many sweet treats.

Geometric Sugar Art
Bold geometric patterns are taking shape in sweet new ways. Geometric sugar art exemplifies the grace and beauty of crisp clean lines and simple shapes. Mix-and-match sugar art shapes to decorate cakes and sweet treats with trendy geometric patterns and abstract designs.

Revolutionary Color Confectionery
Adjust shades and hues of any color under the sun. Combine colors to create surprising new palettes with unexpected pops of unique color. Play with color combinations to create new pairings using everything from stunningly chic neutrals and soft pastels to opulent jewel tones and vibrant primary colors.

The complete list and full details of the Wilton 10 Baking and Decorating Trends for 2015 can be found here: