On October 23, Williamsburg will host New York’s first dessert-themed festival, known as Dessert Goals. The event will feature some of the best sweet treats of the NYC’s five boroughs, and it’s being called “a day of celebration, indulgence, discovery and deliciousness.”

Besides being able to try some of the best desserts the city has to offer, festival-goers will experience special tastings, fun workshops, a photo garden dedicated specifically to Instagramming, a rooftop lounge with skyline views of Manhattan, and more.

Some of the best that this festival will have to offer include: Hong Kong Egg Waffles from Wowfulls, Dragonfruit Bowls from Baba Cool, artisanal Twinkie-inspired "Cakies" from Jae NYC Eats, Coconut Macaroons from Plenty of Good Provisions, and mochi ice cream (soft and chewy on the outside, delicious and creamy ice cream on the inside) from Mochidoki.

The event was started by Miraya Berke and Liang Shi, two young professionals with the pulse on what is popular in the city.

General admission tickets to the festival are $15, but a $50 ticket allows the individual to attend workshops. Each ticket is allotted a 1.5 hour timeframe of attendance, as it will be a packed gathering. You can learn more about Dessert Goals here.