Lesaffre North America continues its commitment to providing high quality yeast products for the baking industry. Amid recent concerns regarding the use of azodicarbonamide (ADA) and potassium bromate as flour and dough strengtheners in baking products, due to their links to causing cancer in laboratory animals, the company confirms that its entire family of yeast products and dough improvers do not contain ADA or potassium bromate.

"The safety and quality of our products will always be our number one priority," says John Riesch, president of Lesaffre Yeast Corporation and Red Star Yeast Company. "We feel it’s our responsibility to make sure bakers not only know our products are safe, but know the risks and presence of dangerous additives, like ADA, in order to ensure and promote the safety of their products as well."

Regularly at the forefront of product quality and safety, most recently the company took steps to ensure its yeast products were gluten-free to better serve bakers and companies in the growing gluten-free product market.

In addition, Lesaffre’s Red Star yeast manufacturing plants are BRC certified — the benchmark for food certification worldwide. Its "A" grade certifies the plants meet all food safety and quality management requirements. The certification affirms the industry’s trust in Lesaffre North America as an exceptionally responsible, high quality yeast manufacturer that is committed to remaining a safety leader in the industry.