Café Valley Bakery announces the removal of Azodicarbonamide (ADA), an FDA-approved dough conditioner, from all of its proprietary formula croissants and dough products made in Phoenix and its Marion, Indiana manufacturing facilities effective immediately. 

Café Valley Bakery proactively removed the ingredient due in part to  a recent controversy about the additive and in an effort to continue to be a leader in the baking industry.

“Café Valley continues to seek new and better ingredient replacements in an effort to provide a 'cleaner label' for our customers,” said Ron Ogan, president and CEO of Café Valley Bakery. “We are dedicated to  producing the finest croissants, pastries, muffins and cakes you will find in the country today.” 

In addition to ADA, Café Valley Bakery has fully implemented the removal of L-cystiene and DATEM (Diacetyl tartaric anhydride) and all partially hydrogenated oils (PHO) from all Café Valley Bakery products.  

"This was a goal for us for in 2014," said Ogan. "We saw the need and some industry interest when the FDA announced late last year that it was considering removing it from the GRAS list.  During our development of icings early this year we were forced to replace a stabilizer that was being discontinued by one of our suppliers. We saw the opportunity to remove the PHO’s that had been formulated in some of our icings and are currently finishing this process through the month of June."

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Café Valley Bakery was founded in 1987 as a small artisan bakery in Phoenix, Arizona. It now has a second location now open in Marion, IN. Café Valley Bakery makes fully-finished Muffins, Bundt Cakes, Cinna-Twists, Croissants, Turnovers, signature Café Bites and more baked goods for grocery retailers, quick service restaurants and club stores throughout the world.