Registration is open for the 4th edition of the Louis Lesaffre Cup. This major event kicks off the cycle of international competitions most talented bread and pastry bakers from across the globe come to show what they can do. To learn more, visit

As a “pre-selection” competition, the Louis Lesaffre Cup has adapted its structure and challenges in line with current trends, in the knowledge that in its wake the other competitions in the cycle – the 2016 Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie and the 2018 Bakery Masters – will also evolve.

Competition cycle: Three key specialties will be on the program for 2014 and 2015: Baguette and World Bread, Viennese Pastries and Gastronomic Bread Making, and Artistic Piece.

In effect, this edition puts innovation at center stage with the introduction of new challenges that call on candidates’ creativity and mastery of international baking. These pre-selections will take place according to the following geographic division:






In keeping with today’s bakery trends, Lesaffre, the competition’s creator and organizer, has devised an entirely new structure, from challenges to jury composition, and including a demonstration by young bakery hopefuls.

To learn more, check updates on social media at, (#BakeryLesaffreCup), and