Ingredion Incorporated (NYSE: INGR), a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to diversified industries, has launched SWEETABULARY™ sweetness language, a vocabulary that combines Ingredion’s comprehensive analytical and sensory understanding and connects the consumer experience of sweetness with taste and functional attributes that the company uses to create appealing products with sugar-like profiles.

The SWEETABULARY language provides formulators with a language that they can translate into technical solutions for the desired sweetness profile of products using Ingredion’s portfolio of sweeteners – including nutritive, non-nutritive, nature-based and high-potency sweetness options.  

The SWEETABULARY language is an integral part of Ingredion’s DIAL-IN® Sweetness Technology – a unique combination of data, experience and process knowledge that Ingredion experts use to help manufacturers quickly achieve just the right sweetness profile and product functionality in foods and beverages.

The five-step proprietary technology DIAL-IN Sweetness uses the SWEETABULARY language as key enabler to deliver the desired sweetness profile faster, using Ingredion’s broad range of sweeteners, texturizers and functional ingredients.

“The introduction of SWEETABULARY sweetness language clearly demonstrates our unique capabilities in the areas of sensory, applications and CULINOLOGY®,” said Oscar Gutierrez, director of global sweetness innovation with Ingredion Incorporated. “The recent expansion of our sweetness R&D facility in Bridgewater, New Jersey, makes Ingredion uniquely equipped to support our manufacturing partners in reducing their time to market, and through these proprietary approaches, helping to ensure a greater likelihood of success.”

The SWEETABULARY language helps deliver sweetness and functional solutions across all categories: from beverages to dairy, bakery, confectionery and savory foods and pharmaceuticals. For more information about the SWEETABULARY sweetness language contact us at 1-866-961-6285, e-mail salessupport@ingredion.comor visit