Ingredion Incorporated, a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to diversified industries, announced a new texturizing system, PRECISA Bake 100 egg white replacer, for the replacement or reduction of egg white products in baked goods.

Utilizing Ingredion’s proprietary DIAL-IN Texture Technology, PRECISA Bake 100 was designed to help manufacturers overcome rising egg white costs and improve profitability by enabling reduced egg white baked goods with improved texture and appearance. PRECISA Bake 100 allows formulators to effectively replace 40-50% of egg whites in angel food, white and yellow cakes and muffins — without any loss of volume or texture — and can achieve between 50 and 100% of egg white replacement in gluten-free breads.

“Because egg whites play a variety of important roles in the development of baked goods, including several key functionalities, egg white replacement has been difficult for manufacturers in the past,” said Ricardo Rodriguez, bakery marketing manager for Ingredion Incorporated. “PRECISA Bake 100 enables manufacturers to address these formulation challenges without compromising on the visual and textural appeal and stability of their baked goods applications, thus reducing their reliance on egg whites.”

PRECISA Bake 100 also offers baked goods manufacturers benefits beyond texture. The texturizing ingredient system is readily hydrated, so it works in both dry and liquid applications. Additionally, PRECISA Bake 100 is dairy and soy free, so it can be used to meet a wide range of dietary needs, including gluten free, kosher and halal.

To learn more about PRECISA Bake 100 egg white replacer or find out how Ingredion’s technical, sensory, CULINOLOGY and applications teams help food processors develop tailor-made, high quality foods packed with health benefits, contact Ingredion at 1-866-961-6285 or visit