Silverland Bakery, a commercial purveyor of brownies, bakery bars, natural food bars and cookies, has launched new and exciting product flavors at the Specialty Food Association Fancy Food Show in San Fransisco, CA, on Jan. 19.

To start off their fourth decade in business with a bang, Athena Uslander, Founder and President, and her daughter, Leila Uslander, Director of Marketing, offered samples of the latest products: the Black Forest Brownie, Pumpkin Seed Toffee Crunch Cookie, and Peanut Butter + Jelly [Pep] Natural Food Bar.

Athena, a structural engineer, Dove model, wellness enthusiast and of course, baking goddess, has been crafting handmade brownies, old fashioned bakery bars, cookies, crispy rice treats and natural food bars for consumer and wholesale clients for thirty one years.

“With the new year, we have developed some new and exciting flavors and concepts. Hopefully we’ll delight and surprise our customers with these flavor launches as well as the rest of the tricks we have up our sleeves in 2014.”

Silverland Bakery’s entire selection of baked goods, available bulk as well as retail ready, are now available online at In addition to online ordering, the website features product specifications and nutritional information.