SunRidge Farms, the Northern California-based leading provider of organic and natural nuts, seeds, dried fruits, snacks, confections and granolas, has begun rolling out a new version of its branded re-sealable packaging. The new bags feature brighter designs that are intended to make it easier for retailers to merchandise the products and for consumers to easily recognize their benefits. The new packaging is gradually being introduced.

“Our SunRidge Farms products have a lot to offer people who are looking for healthier, more sustainable nuts, dried fruits, snacks and confections,” said Mark Devencenzi, national sales director at SunRidge Farms. “This new packaging is designed to make those benefits more readily apparent, while providing retailers the ability to better showcase the products to consumers.”

The new packaging was re-designed with each food category in mind – nuts and seeds, confections, snack mixes, and dried fruits - and gradually will be introduced to SunRidge Farms’ long line of more than sixty packaged natural and organic products.

Additional updates to the bags include the following:

  • A banner along bottom front of the packaging featuring product-specific health claims
  • Consistent imagery on the front panel of the bags of items in the same category
  • A new and improved window design allowing for a better view of the products
  • Product-specific romance copy on the back of each package
  • Graphics and typography specific to each food category
  • QR codes linking consumers to SunRidge Farms information

SunRidge Farms is committed to providing sustainably sourced, better-for-you products while leaving the lowest possible carbon footprint on the earth. For instance, the company’s products are made in a solar-powered facility, and both its previous and new re-sealable bags are recyclable and reusable, as well as BPA-free.