From the Alps to the Arch, four Wewalka refrigerated dough products are now available exclusively on shelves across 70 Schnucks stores in and around the St. Louis market. This premium refrigerated dough combines authentic European bakery quality with improved convenience.

"Everyone deserves the pleasure of great-tasting baked goods, and Wewalka makes it even easier with our Ready to Roll parchment-paper lining in each package," said Thomas Steiner, president of sales and marketing at Wewalka. "The parchment paper assists with baking and prevents messes on baking sheets, making cleanup simple."

Wewalka products are prepared in the European bakery tradition with high-quality ingredients, and they contain no artificial colors, no bleached or bromated flour, no hydrogenated oil and no high fructose corn syrup. The products are also vegetarian.

The lineup available in the refrigerated section at Schnucks includes four Wewalka products, each with a parchment-paper lining:

Wewalka Family Style Pizza Dough: This delicious rectangular dough is made with European olive oil and real yeast, and features a traditional crust that's not too thick and not too thin. Perfect for pizza, calzones, breadsticks, and filled pizza bites.

Wewalka Bistro Style Pizza Dough: Made with European olive oil and real yeast, this thin and crispy crust fits directly in the baking pan for simple prep and cleanup. Plus, it's the only round refrigerated dough in the U.S.

Wewalka Authentic Puff Pastry Dough: With 64 thin, delicate layers of airy, flaky goodness, Wewalka Puff Pastry dough is the first refrigerated puff pastry dough rolled on parchment paper in the U.S. The result is an exceptional pastry perfect for sweet or savory recipes.

Wewalka Large Croissant Rolls Dough: These light croissants are made of 36 layers of fine, layered yeast dough and a hint of vanilla. With less sugar and fat than competitor crescent rolls, they can be stuffed with fillings or served from the oven as a perfect side to any meal. It's the first European style refrigerated Croissant dough in the U.S.

Consumers in the St. Louis region can taste the difference firsthand at sampling events from February 28 through March 1 via 31 Schnucks Cooks programs. For more information, visit