Bakeries like Strossner's in Greenville, SC are building loyal customers to help grow their business.

One of their effective marketing tools is Welcomemat Services, which they have used since 2007. Around since 2003, Welcomemat specializes in helping businesses, like bakeries, turn new movers into loyal customers by providing monthly direct mail packages to individuals and families who have recently changed their address.

So why new residents? Since families who move are five times more likely to become loyal than the average, established consumer, new residents are an extremely valuable audience and a source of long-term revenues.

One of the features of The Welcomemat mailing package is Welcomemat Services’ barcode reporting system that supplies businesses with the name, address and demographic information for each new mover who visits its location through the Welcomemat program.

In addition, Welcomemat Services’ proprietary geo-sourcing technology allows small business owners to clearly see the streets and neighborhoods where consumers who redeemed Welcomemat gift certificates live.

The company’s targeted approach works. Response rates with new resident mailings are often higher than other direct mailing campaigns; they have seen response rates from 6% to 35% -- depending on the offer. In a recent six-month period they saw an average of 71 redemptions a month (a 7.89% redemption rate).

Through Welcomemat, Strossner’s offers a free loaf of bread. About a year ago, they added an email line on their gift checks and now capture email from the Welcomemat users.