For students about to start school, catching up with friends at recess after a long summer apart has become a time-honored tradition. But for many schools in the United States, lack of funding has resulted in little recreational equipment for students to utilize when breaking from class. To revitalize recess, Sara Lee Bread, Nature's Harvest and Bimbo Bread today launched their "Eat Well, Play Happy" contest, which will award one lucky winner a new playground for his or her school valued at $50,000.

"Recess and time outdoors are great sources of exercise and wellness, and critical in keeping kids happy and healthy," said Marlene Sidhu, Brand Manager for Sara Lee Bread. "We focus daily on the importance of eating healthy and great nutrition, but we also wanted to invest in the effort to encourage kids follow their natural instinct to get outside and get moving!"

To enter the contest, entrants 18 years and older will be asked to write a 200 word or less essay in English or Spanish on why their school needs a new playground. In addition to winning a playground for their school, the winning entrant will also win a backyard playground valued at $3,000. Contestants can also enter for a chance to win other great prizes, including a bike with helmet, golf sets, skateboards and more. The seven-week contest ends Friday, September 19, 2014.

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