Learning to perfect a few fundamental recipes will allow you to enter the endlessly creative world of classic French tarts. The French Pastry School announces the upcoming class, The Finest French Tarts, on March 5-7 at The French Pastry School of Kennedy-King College at City Colleges of Chicago.

Chef Scott Green will introduce you to the building blocks of a beautiful tart in this three-day, hands-on course. You'll make French doughs such as pâte sablé, pâte à foncer, and puff pastry, then fill them with a myriad of flavors.

Throughout the three days, you'll bake tarts with custard fillings, fruit fillings, chocolate fillings, and more. In this class for beginners, you will learn professional tips and techniques from Chef Green that you can use at home to create masterpieces for your friends and family.

Green joined The French Pastry School in July, 2010 as Pastry Chef Instructor. Chef Green worked for the Four Seasons Resort in Southern California, beginning as a pastry cook and ascending the racks to Executive Pastry Chef. During his tenure at the Fours Seasons, Green was named the regional Food & Beverage Manager of the Year in 2006. In the same year, he competed in the Food Network Challenge series, Pastry Daredevils.

To learn more, visit www.frenchpastryschool.com/ce-class/finest-french-tarts.