Extraordinary finished desserts begin with imagination, passion, and quality ingredients. For 50 years, PreGel (Pre Gelato) has been providing busy "dessertpreneurs" with essential, time-saving ingredients necessary to make their dessert innovations an unforgettable culinary experience for consumers of classic and trendy treats.

With French éclairs being one of the most popular and timeless trends in patisserie, PreGel has introduced the Complete Éclair Kit – a collection of easy-to-use products and ingredients for the creation of consistently perfect eclairs filled with full-bodied pastry cream and a choice of flavorful dark chocolate, white chocolate, or hazelnut PreGel Pâte à Glacer pastry coating.

The specially designed kits are available in three variations based on the flavor of (flavored coating) desired. Contents include:

  • 4 bags Éclair Base – part of PreGel's line of gluten-free pastry bases, it can also be utilized to create puff pastry, bigne, churros, and choux pastry applications utilizing only hot water. This revolutionary base removes the cumbersome aspect of preparation and leaves room for endless culinary creativity.
  • 4 bags Pastry Cream Superior (Cold Process) – a rich and creamy gluten-free base which can also be utilized for tarts, Bavarian creams, crème fillings and more. Its neutral flavor is customizable for more diverse flavor opportunities, while still offering a homemade appeal.
  • 1 case Pâte à Glacer – ready-to-use flavored coatings for a delicious array of baked treats including éclairs, macaron pops, quick breads, gâteaux de voyage, and more. The matte finish provides consistent texture and requires no refrigeration to set.
  • 1 Éclair Mat – suited perfectly for choux pastry, these non-stick mats feature 18 elongated indents to make piping and calibrating much easier. No butter, grease, oils or sprays are needed. The perforated texture provides optimal heat transfer for the perfect crunch and color.


Each component of PreGel's Complete Éclair Kit is also available as an individual purchase. For more information about the Complete Éclair Kit, visit www.pregelamerica.com.