To meet the demand for flexible sizing in frozen pie and cake shipping boxes, Plastifoam has introduced the Ezee Pie & Cake Ship’r. Each insulated shipping box comes assembled and ready to load, tape and ship with adjustable expanded polystyrene inserts and pads to accommodate 6" to 9 3/4" pie pans with up to a 3" depth.

Unique design provides excellent stabilization, protection, and multiple sizes

Each shipper includes a sturdy white printed outside box and polystyrene insert with top and bottom pads

Removable inserts allow for 6 1/8", 8 1⁄8", 9 1⁄8", and 9 3⁄4" diameters.

Removable pads adjust for variable inside depths up to 3 inches.

Ezee Pie & Cake Ship’rs are now in stock. Custom sizes are available. Visit for a free sample and more information. Shippers are priced around $5 each, depending on quantity ordered.

For more information, visit