Bakery mixers play an integral role in helping retailers build higher sales through increased efficiencies and production capabilities.

Carolyn Bilger, marketing director, Hobart Food Equipment Group, explains that the latest innovations in bakery mixers for retail bakeries incorporate leading technologies.

Hobart has engineered its Legacy+® countertop and floor mixers with its exclusive PLUS System – a combination of three leading technologies that allow up to 30% more capacity and back-to-back mixing with no rest periods. 

VFDadvantage variable frequency drive offers precise motor control and drives more power to the bowl to better incorporate ingredients. Maximum capacity overheat protection consists of extreme-duty wiring and connections that can handle more power for heavy mixing. The reinforced planetary shaft system delivers exceptional power for greater output. 

“Mixer features that provide operator assurance are in high demand,” Bilger shares. “For Hobart mixers, those features include the FastStop function on the Legacy+ HL800 80-quart and HL1400 140-quart mixers. Operators can turn off these mixers and all moving parts stop in less than three seconds. All Legacy+ mixers also feature a Triple Interlock System that prevents operation unless the bowl is up and locked into place and the bowl guard is engaged.”

Bakeries need mixers that will provide consistent mixing and increased mixing capacity. The PLUS System on the Legacy+ mixers can provide up to 30% more mixing capacity in the same size bowl, depending on the application, she points out. 

It also allows for back-to-back mixing, all day, without the need to rest the mixer. The mixer’s Quick-Release™ agitators pin to the shaft to prevent them from moving up and down and help maintain a consistent agitator-to-bowl ratio for thorough mixing. 

Bakeries also want mixers that make it easy to create new recipes. The Legacy+ mixers feature a SmartTimer™ that counts time down and up to make both the process of batch mixing and recipe creation easier.  

“Small- to medium-sized bakeries are typically best suited for a 60-quart mixer, like the Legacy+ HL600,” Bilger says. “This mixer can mix a recommended maximum capacity of 40 pounds for sugar cookies and 60 pounds for cupcake and layer cake batter, for example. For a large bakery, a 140-quart mixer such as the Legacy+ HL140 would work well. It increases capacity for cupcake and layer cake batter to 90 pounds and sugar cookies to    60 pounds. The two mixers are also versatile for mixing several types and amounts of bread, pie and donut dough. Regardless of the size of bakery, a 20-quart mixer can be useful for mixing small batches of icing and fondant. The Hobart Legacy+ HL200 is good for this job.” 

Mixers generally use little energy; however, technology like the VFDadvantage helps the Legacy+ mixers run more efficiently., she adds It keeps the motor operating cooler and prevents the mixer's exterior from heating up, keeping the ambient air around it cooler.