Inline Plastics Corp., Shelton, CT, announces the introduction of the Crystal Fresh® line of upscale bakery packaging.  Available in 7 commonly used sizes, these containers are ideal for in-store and retail bakeries, as well as processors who supply these bakeries.  The containers feature a clean, elegant design with minimal ribbing and crystal clear appearance emphasizing quality of contents which increases impulse purchases resulting in higher sales.  Other benefits of the Crystal Fresh® include:

Crystal Fresh containers, with their perimeter seal closure system, significantly reduce the chance for mess from food crumbs, saving time and expense from costly spills.

Crystal Fresh allows for better merchandising with a sleeker hinge along with improved strength from corner ribbing design improves stackability that allows for multi-level merchandising

The relaxed hinge design of the Crystal Fresh line makes for convenient in-home use.

Independent testing confirms that our improved perimeter seal design, combined with the advanced moisture control of PET, increases shelf life from 28% to 40% (depending on specific product) and keeps your products fresher longer.

In response to consumers’ desire for sustainability, Crystal Fresh® containers are manufactured from 100% recyclable PET material.

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