Robbie, a leading flexible packaging supplier to the supermarket industry, introduced its newest line – Fresh N Tasty Bakery Pouches for consumers and retailers seeking value-added benefits in their packaging for fresh baked items. Fresh N Tasty Bakery Pouches are designed with a resealable zipper and proprietary film structure that keeps baked goods tasting fresher, longer.  The new pouch is built with a large window for viewing the fresh product inside.  A zipper placed above the large viewing window guarantees closure and gives the consumer an easy open/close feature for sealing in freshness.  A handle at the top of the pouch allows consumers to easily carry the product.  

Fresh N Tasty Bakery Pouches offer retailers benefits such as:

Colorful eye-catching graphics for increased impulse sales

Ability to differentiate their bakery department

Build brand awareness by printing store logo on pouch

Provides store sustainability message by offering an eco-friendly package

Packaging footprint is smaller than rigid clamshell which means less pallets, boxes, warehouse space, labor and trucking

Fresh N Tasty Bakery Pouches offer processors benefits such as:

Increased brand loyalty from retailers by providing improved product quality throughout shelf life

Ability to offer retailers a value-added package – packaging can ship with product

Provides company sustainability by offering an eco-friendly package

The pouch offers an incredible range of print space unlike the rigid clamshell that uses labels for communicating information.  The front, back and bottom of pouch are all useable to include branding and/or merchandising. Colorful eye-catching graphics offer instant product recognition and strong appetite appeal while helping to differentiate a store or consumer brand and increase impulse sales.

Based on a preliminary Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Robbie has determined the following data based on the Fresh N Tasty Bakery Pouch, a flexible package versus a rigid clamshell. Base Metrics are taken directly from the Life Cycle Inventory (LCI); equivalent metrics are calculated from the base metrics. The Eco-indicator score is based on a mathematical formula provided by the LCA software and reflects the environmental impact.

The study was based on using one truckload of flexible pouches at 780,000 units. 

Manufacturing Process

Our study was done to quantify the physical raw material usage, in regards to crude oil and the amount of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2).

Packaging by weight (in grams)

41.31 Rigid Clamshell

12.74 Fresh N Tasty Bakery Pouch - flexible package

This calculates to a reduction of 69% of solid waste introduced into landfills. 

Approximately 79% less CO2 is emitted to produce the flexible package versus a rigid clamshell.

Energy Used in the manufacturing process of flexible pouches compared to rigid clamshell.

87% less Coal

74% less Natural Gas

64% less Crude oil

The value added benefits of this flexible package clearly demonstrates an advantage over rigid clamshells with its ability to save fossil fuels, reduce weight of solid waste being introduced to landfills, along with providing a more consumer friendly package.