Josh Johnson is the pastry chef of Guittard Chocolate Company, the revered San Francisco Bay Area family-owned chocolate maker, where he brings the celebrated craft, artistry, and palate in developing new recipes and ideas with Donald Wressell, executive pastry chef. He is inspired by chocolate’s infinite variety of flavor profiles and its versatility as an ingredient that also can be sculpted and shaped to delicious and delightful effect.

Chocolate Croissant Dough

Total dough weight 1.835 kg

Total detrempe weight 1.428 kg


Sir Galahad Artisan Flour 100% 0.733 kg

Sugar 13.64% 0.100 kg

Salt 2.49% 0.018 kg

Whole milk #1 24.56% 0.180 kg

Osmotolerant yeast 1.84% 0.013 kg

Whole milk #2 39.56% 0.290 kg

Chocolate rouge (medium dutched powder) 2.73% 0.020 kg

Chocolate noir (fully dutched powder) 2.73% 0.020 kg

Butter, soft 9.96% 0.072 kg

Total 197.51% 1.446 kg

Roll-in unsalted butter 28.201% 0.408 kg

Egg wash As needed

Simple syrup As needed


Type of mixer Spiral

Mix style Improved

1st speed 0.07

2nd speed 0.02

Dough temperature 78-80 F


Time/temperature 12:00-16:00 at 40 F


Lock-in French

Fold 3 singles

Dough temperature 40 F

Retard between turns 20 minutes


Sheet 3.25 mm

Shape 12” by 1.5” strip

Proofing device 3” by 1.5” ring

Garnish Egg wash before baking


Time/temperature 2:00 at 80 F

Humidity 82%


Oven type Convection

Steam 5 seconds (optional)

Time/temperature 0.08 at 350 F and 8-10 at 330 F

Open damper Last 3 minutes

Finish Immediately glaze with simple syrup

Orange Marmalade

Total dough weight 0.750 kg


Valencia oranges 0.500 kg

Sugar 0.250 kg

Passionfruit puree (to taste) 0.000 kg

Total 0.750 kg

Toppings, if desired As needed


Wash 3 large Valencia oranges.

Place them in a saucepan and cover with cold water.

Bring to simmer until orange skin is very tender.

Cut the oranges in quarters, remove center pith, and remove seeds, if any.

Place the processed orange segments and sugar into a food processor.

Process until orange pieces are very small.

Pour contents into a medium saucepan, bring to a simmer.

Cook over low heat, until orange peels are translucent and tender.

Remove from stove when desired consistency is achieved.

Add passionfruit puree to taste.

Place in shallow container with plastic wrap touching the surface to chill.

Passionfruit Ganache

Total weight 0.426 kg


Passionfruit puree 0.200 kg

Glucose 0.017 kg

Sugar 0.103 kg

35% White chocolate 0.253 kg

Butter 0.033 kg

Total 0.606 kg

Toppings, if desired As needed


Combine passionfruit puree, glucose, sugar, and bring it to a simmer.

Pour over the white chocolate. Allow 1 minute to rest.

Stir to emulsify.

At 100-104 F, add the room temperature butter. Hand blend until fully emulsified.

Ready to use to finish the croissant.