The Modernist Cuisine team has announced that it has kicked off a special series of free monthly email courses geared toward home bakers. The goal for the Modernist Bread School is to help home bakers learn the fundamentals of making bread at home and bake with Modernist Bread at Home.

The monthly courses are full of carefully curated tips and tricks, insights, techniques and references (all from Modernist Bread at Home and Modernist Bread) that will help home bakers gain new skills and make delicious homemade bread, even when life gets busy. The courses will cover a variety of topics, from baking bread amid a busy schedule to the role of different bread ingredients, several of which have been crowdsourced from its online community.

Courses are free; to sign up, individuals will need to provide their name, email address and zip code. There’s no need to own Modernist Bread at Home to sign up, but there are many references for additional information in the book. Each month a new course will be added to the bread school landing page on the website, where people will be able to sign up. Upon signing up, students will receive one lesson per day, delivered straight to their inbox, throughout the course. Courses consist of five to seven written lessons, as well as a final recap with a call to action to purchase the book. Courses will run through August.

Here’s an overview of the topics that will be covered: 

  • Getting Started with Bread Basics - March 2024
  • Navigating Bread Making from Start to Finish - April 2024
  • Fitting Bread into Busy Schedules - May 2024
  • The Role of Different Bread Ingredients - June 2024
  • How to Start a Levain and Keep It Alive - July 2024
  • Mixing and Gluten Development - August 2024