Image courtesy of Modernist Cuisine
The team behind the acclaimed volume of books dedicated to the art and science of bread is working on a new project covering all things pizza. Modernist Bread co-authors Nathan Myhrvold, Francisco Migoya, and culinary incubator Modernist Cuisine have announced that their new project will be called Modernist Pizza.

Many pizza-related musings were cut from Modernist Bread, which gave the Modernist Cuisine team the idea for the new book. “We cut more than 400 pages out of Modernist Bread,” Nathan Myhrvold tells Eater. “We realized pretty quickly we had a lot more to say about pizza than a bread book could contain.” 

The team is currently working on recipes for the book, which will cover many different styles. The goal is to produce “the most comprehensive pizza cookbook in the world.”

“All of these styles, all of the pizzaiolos practicing their craft today, they’re all making pizza but they disagree on how to make it,” Myhrvold says, “so we’re going to try them all and see what’s actually the truth, what works and what doesn’t and why.”

The book will not be released for at least a year, but it is already highly-anticipated. In addition to amazing photography, the book will cover pizza topics such as its science, history, equipment, techniques, and the people who make it.