With the first day of spring less than a week away, Cinnaholic is now offering specialty seasonal flavors. All of the bakery chain’s treats are 100 percent dairy, lactose, egg and animal product-free, allowing everyone to indulge in the sweet treats.

The spring collection includes:

  • Lemonberry Crunch – This colorful and flavorful limited time roll is topped with a sweet combination of lemon cake frosting, fresh blueberries, lemonberry coffee cake bites and crunchy almonds
  • Rainbow Sorbet Roll – This fresh and tangy rainbow sorbet roll is topped with citrus sorbet frosting, a burst of fresh strawberries, marshmallows, homemade key lime drizzle and rainbow sprinkles
  • Spring Break Baby Bun Box – Pastel mini cinnamon rolls adorned with rainbow sprinkles. The dozen features pink strawberry frosting, zesty orange frosting and purple old skool frosting
  • Lemonberry Coffee Cake – A zesty homemade coffee cake filled with lemon juice and fresh blueberries, and topped with streusel and a lemon glaze  
  • Over-the-Rainbow Baby Bun Box – Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, it features twelve baby buns adorned with shamrock green marshmallow frosting and topped with marshmallows, golden cinnadoodle pieces and magical rainbow sprinkles

Since opening its first location in 2013, Cinnaholic has grown to close to one hundred locations in the US and Canada.