On February 29, 2020, Leap Day, Three Brothers Bakery gave out coupons that are redeemable for $29 off a purchase on Leap Day 2024.

The Houston, Texas bakery’s fans who still have that coupon will be able to redeem the coupon in a week on Thursday, February 29.

Additionally on February 29, the bakery will give out a coupon redeemable for $29 off a purchase on Friday 29, 2028, the next Leap Day. The 2020 coupons are redeemable in-store only at any of the bakery’s four locations, and to receive another coupon for 2028 Leap Day they must make a purchase of any amount.

The inspiration came from co-owner Janice Jucker who started her career at The Waldorf Astoria and learned the following story: During the 1965 Great New York City Blackout, the hotel gave out coupons for a free drink redeemable when the city had another blackout. In 1977, New York City experienced another blackout and people came in with their coupons from 1965 to receive their free drink.