Three Brothers Bakery in Houston, Texas is celebrating Purim with a new twist on a Jewish classic. Lasting Saturday, March 11 through Sunday, March 12, Purim is a Jewish holiday commemorating the salvation of the Jewish people in ancient Persia.


Purim is celebrated with carnivals and parties, which will include delicious food such as Hamantaschen. Three Brothers Bakery’s version of this dish features the bakery’s secret cookie dough recipe molded into a triangle and filled with homemade filling with conventional flavors like poppy seed, apricot, and prune as well as other unexpected flavors like chocolate, cherry, and raspberry.


The bakery has been selling Hamantaschen year-round because they are so popular with customers, and the new rainbow Hamantaschen celebrates the bright colors of the upcoming spring season.


“Hamantaschen are one of our best-selling items here at the bakery,” says Bobby Jucker, bakery co-owner. “Besides customers enjoying the pastry to celebrate Purim, people like it as a treat for any day of the year. Additionally, our new rainbow Hamantaschen adds a uniqueness that can make any day or celebration feel special.”