New York City's Angelina Bakery has introduced its latest sensation: Burn-Away Cakes. This innovative dessert trend combines the universal appeal of cake with a mesmerizing visual effect: a top layer printed on edible wafer paper is set ablaze to reveal a stunning image or message underneath, transforming the cake into an interactive experience. 

These cakes have soared in popularity recently, with creators using them to mark special occasions with personalized messages, pop culture references and even playful reveals. 

Angelina Bakery's Burn-Away Cakes, available to order online, include:

  • Lunar New Year Dragon Blaze Cake ($88, feeds 8) – Intriguing burning dragon design for a spectacular reveal. Symbolizes prosperity and new beginnings. Available February 8-18, limited to 88 cakes
  • Valentine’s Day Cupid’s Arrow Cake ($38, perfect for couples) – Cupid design that unveils a romantic message upon burning. Creates a memorable moment of love and surprise. Available February 12-16, limited to 100 cakes

Since its first location opened in Hell’s Kitchen in mid-2018, Angelina Bakery has become known for its famous Brissant (brioche x croissant hybrid) and bomboloni made with lighter ingredients, in addition to designer cakes, a dessert vending machine and its signature Cheese Focaccia. Last year, the bakery opened a new franchise location in Brooklyn, as part of its plan to expand the brand throughout the city’s five boroughs.